Sunday, November 8, 2015

Boston's Annual Swedish Yuletide

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In Boston, the place to be on the first Saturday in December is the annual Swedish Yuletide celebration and Christmas Fair sponsored by the local chapter of SWEA (Swedish Women's Educational Association).

The event always draws a crowd and features two Santa Lucia processions, morning and afternoon, led by "St. Lucy" who wears a white robe and crown of evergreen and candles, (the fireproof kind), followed by white-robed Swedish children, teens, and tots, all singing.

Swedish crafts, baked goods, jewelry, books, Christmas ornaments, wood carvings, travel information, lingonberry sauce, and other products are sold, with some of the proceeds donated to the work and scholarship fund of SWEA.

A featured display on Swedish innovations showed that Swedes invented a wide range of important products, from dynamite to zippers and tetra packs to titanium dental implants.

The Swedish food and beverages--including Swedish Glogg--are delicious. SWEA members in traditional Swedish dress are unfailingly gracious, and a good time is had by all.

Swedish Yuletide, Boston.

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